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Remedial Massage and Manipulation Therapist based in Pentrich, nr Ripley, Derbyshire.

Everyone who is physically active, suffers at some time from muscular aches and pains or the stresses of everyday life and can feel the benefits of Massage Therapy

Based In Pentrich, near Ripley in Derbyshire. Robert specialises in a range of treatments, including remedial and sports massage, manipulative and sports therapy, as well as cranial sacral therapy.

Remedial Massage

As the name suggests, the aim of Remedial Massage is to apply massage techniques to 'remedy' a problem. To do this, the therapist needs to be educated in anatomy and physiology, have a thorough understanding of common conditions and know how to work within their 'scope of practice' or when to seek medical assistance if conditions present are outside their respective fields.

It is an effective way to treat the body using comforting and therapeutic strokes to help relieve the tension and stress which forms in muscle tissue. The process helps stimulate muscle tone, regenerate the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems and the correct function of the nervous system. Only after re-establishing the muscular balance of the body can the energy systems function correctly and the patient be restored to health.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage will employ many of the techniques used in Remedial Massage but will be led by the nature of injuries, mechanism of injury and whether acute or chronic or whether the massage required is pre or post event.  It can be used to enhance performance, ensuring that muscles are in peak condition, as well as to aid recovery from exertion and injury. It is an invaluable addition to those in training, whatever their sport and is highly effective for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Manipulative Therapy

Manipulation and Mobilisation therapy is used to restore mobility to soft tissues and joints using a variety of techniques.  Its aim is to rebalance the musculoskeletal system by working specifically on muscles, tendons, joints, fascia and ligaments, thus bringing about improvement in mechanical function.

Manipulation is a short, thrust treatment performed at the end of your available range of movement.  This approach is often used to break down scar tissue/adhesions, remove blockage in the joint and to restore full joint movement.

Mobilisation involves gentle, slow movements to the specific joint or region to help restore normal movement, lubricate joint surfaces, decrease pain and reduce muscle spasm.

The techniques used will be very much dependent on the signs and symptoms present and will be individually tailored to the specific problem being treated.



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Robert P. Sanby  LCSP (Assoc) NIM Qualified
Amberside Well-Being, Pentrich Lane End
Pentrich, Derbyshire DE5 3RH

Registered Physiotherapist Remedial Masseur & Manipulative Therapist